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Using pic on Wikipedia

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Got this e-mail yesterday. I'm thinking, "No." I just don't have the time to read never mind understand the small print. Frankly, I don't want someone taking my picture and using it for ANY purpose (editting, hacking, etc???) if they do that.


I'm a contributer to the well known online encyclopedia,

Wikipedia, which is currently using a very poor photo for

its article on Project 86.

I've noticed that you've taken a very good photo of Project

86 http://www.flickr.com/photos/bbbcanada/199626862/,

which would be great for use in the article on Wikipedia.

However, the license you have released the image under

means that it can't be used on Wikipedia, as it would

violate copyright terms.

I'm contacting you to ask whether you would be willing to

re-license the above photo under the Creative Commons

Attribution-ShareAlike license (available here:


In short, this would mean that while the photo would still

be under your copyright, people would be able to use it

freely for any purpose, as long as they state who created

it (yourself).

I hope you're willing to do this, as it would greatly

benefit the Wikipedia article to use this image - plus,

everyone who looked at the article would be able to see

your image!

Let me know what you think,



"God is so great and merciful that he does not require that we name him precisely. God is even willing to be anonymous for a time. Remember how God led the Three Wise Men from the East to Christ? The Wise Men did not know the God of Israel or Jesus. They worshipped the stars. So God used a star to lure them."--The Twelve Steps for Christians


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