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Tony Watkins

Gavin Watson

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I've mentioned Gavin Watson on the thread about This is England, and thought I'd post something in this forum since it's visual art, not film.

He's quoted in an article on skin culture in The Guardian, which related both to This is England and the tie-in exhibition of Watson's work at the National Film Theatre (a great exhibition which I had a very enjoyable couple of hours being wrong-footed by):

Some of his photographs are funny, some are tender, some are domestic. Many of them show skinheads smiling, others display a great vulnerability: young boys struggling for their place in an adult world. If there is aggression it is playful and uncertain. And in the background sits an unbeautified England of the Eighties, a harsh depiction of extreme disunity.

Watson's myspace page contains a fascinating account of Watson's youth.

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