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Face/Off (duplicate)

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SPOILER Warning!

I'd recently seen John Woo's film Face/Off (Nicholas Cage; John Travolta) and was trying to explain to a friend why I thought that it was more than a soulless action film.

After watching Face/Off, I was stunned by how much depth there is. For starters, I see Face/Off

as a representation of walking in someone else's boots, or in this

case, wearing someone else's face. Both characters, living as the other

person, learned about the other person. Both characters, we learn, have

made some pretty stupid mistakes in their lives (John Travolta's

character is obsessively trying to avenge his son's death, and Nicholas

Cage's character has neglected his family)

There is a wonderful theme about family life that runs throughout

the film, which I thought was awesome. Even in the midst of an

action film we can glean some truth about the importance of family.

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