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Mangled covers of pirated DVDs

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Sometimes, when I'm feeling especially idealistic, I know I've wished that DVD covers would use quotes from critics that represent the consensus, rather than cherry-picking the most positive.

Well, I guess when you didn't produce the movie you're selling, you feel more free to be frank about its quality! Or something.

Prime, A Shark Tale, and A Perfect Man. I have no idea how those quoted got picked, but if they were intentional that's surprising since having bad quotes (I would THINK) would reduce sales, but if they're unintentional then they really worked hard at picking the most ironic ones! And if IMDb users were hired to write the synopsis, you would get covers like this one for Red Eye.

Then, for Scarface, they didn't even pick the right movie!

And this last is not funny, it's sad. Action for Change gets their mission statement pasted onto Saw under a review from Cinemablend. (?!)

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That's just how eye roll.

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Two days ago, I noticed that someone at church had a Japanese bootleg copy of Full Metal Jacket. I assume it was bootleg, because the credits on the back of the case were for the 1990s re-issue of Belle de Jour.

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