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Congrats, Christian.


I didn't run hardly at all in 2013--mostly because adding a second kid to the mix complicated things more than I'd anticipated. I wish I could become a morning runner, but I just can't, and by the time I get both kids to bed at night I don't have the energy left. I also stopped because I do nearly all of my running on a treadmill, which causes lower back pain. I put up with it for years and treated it with therapeutic massages, but each time I run now I'm reminded immediately of how miserable my back can feel.


Having said all that, Christian, I think a 10k would be a good and very easily accomplished goal for the spring. If you ran 4 miles this week, I bet you could already do the other two miles. It's 90% mental. Good luck!

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So I was up to 5.5 miles for my morning runs on the treadmill. (I haven't run outside for weeks; this winter has been brutal -- not so much the cold as the steady snow/ice on the roads and sidewalks.)


And then, yesterday, something happened. During my final mile of my workout, my left heel started to hurt. I ran through it, of course; yes, I did the one thing you're not supposed to do. It was "just a mile," and I figured I wouldn't start another workout if the injury proved significant. 


Anyway, I'm not sure what I did. It felt like it was my left heel, almost like a resurfacing of my Plantars, although that usually subsides during a run, so I knew something was wrong. I hobbled around yesterday on ibuprofen, went to work then to a movie, and didn't take my sock and shoe off until late at night, when I saw some bulging/swelling on the top of my foot, slightly to the left! I think I turned my foot while hobbling around; it was quick and it hurt, but I didn't think it was anything serious. Looking at the injury, I was no longer sure of the site of my injury -- heel, top of foot, all over the foot?


So, this morning, I'm finally icing the foot. I'm moving the ice around; I'm honestly not sure where the source of the injury is. I recently finished a Runner's World book about half-marathon training (!!!), and it stated repeatedly that  injuries should always be iced. So I'm doing that, while wondering if I need to go see a doctor. 


Whatever the case, I'll be off my running regime for a while. That's frustrating, as I was just about to step up to a 10 K as the next increase/increment in my morning workout.

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