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INFUZE is for sale!

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INFUZE is for sale.

You can read all about it at the front page of their site.

I received this note from Robin Parrish, the site's owner and editor, this evening:

I'm in a bind, and I'm wondering if you can help.

INFUZEmag.com, the website I created four years ago, has been popular

from the beginning, but we've always struggled to find a corporate

owner who "gets" what we're doing and really believes in it. The

current owner has decided to back out, effective immediately, and that

leaves the site without a home and me without monthly income. This is

a particularly bad time for me to be without regular income, because

just a few weeks ago, my wife Karen and I welcomed our first child

into the world.

With a library of more than 8,000 existing articles and stories, and

several dozen new ones going up every week, INFUZE is a major resource

to Christians and non-believers alike. But it's more than a website:

it's a movement with a truly unique voice that has something worth

saying. It's a content portal for all things modern art &

entertainment, poised at the crossroads of emerging church ideas like

"roaring lambs" and story-centric living (aka, "life is a story").

Know anyone who could be interested in purchasing the site? I'm

available to talk more, either by email or phone anytime.

Many thanks for anything you can do, and please keep us and our little

one in your prayers,


Anybody have any thoughts about what they might do?

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Does the link go the correct site? I thought I knew what Infuze was, but now I'm not so sure. The link takes me to a New Age Spiritual Healing, Holistic Health and Counseling Site.

Same organization?

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Nope. This is almost two years old now. Looks like some New Age magazine bought the domain.

Edited by Overstreet

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Gosh, I didn't realize I was responding to a years-old post, although I had vague memory of Infuze being for sale earlier.

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