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1983 Super 8 film: I Was A Teenage Pietistic Dandy

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This is the rendering into YouTube (via VHS and several other steps) of a film that my brother (the Rev. Charles Erlandson) and I made back in 1983, for a "Vorthos" class taught by our pastor at that time, George Grant. While it contains numerous "inside jokes" and George-isms, such as in the title itself, it may be of interest to some here for two primary reasons:

(1) As an artifact of "primitive" filmmaking. This was all done with a silent Super8 camera ... the sound was added later.

(2) As a theological commentary on retreat to a Christian "ghetto" versus a more world-embracing theology (Christ and his Church embracing and/or transforming the world).

Also of note to some will be the cameo appearance (in Part 2) of Kemper Crabb, an elder at the church we attended back then, and a noteable Christian musician.

Some of the early segments (which involved coming attractions such as The Day the Pope Stood Still and Doctrine X from Outer Space) had to be removed to avoid copyright infringement.

Yours truly,


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I will admit it, the title drew me in and being an Oscar Wilde admirer, any well structured title with "dandy" in it probably would. I am eager to view these. Thanks for posting.

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That was strangely cool. Thanks for posting it!

Although what was really scary was the link on YouTube under "Related Videos": the clip of the guy imitating Larry the Cable Guy promoting a men's conference. 8O

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