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Movie Theme Attractions Disneyland and Six Flaggs should consider

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I was looking at some topic ideas that I occasionally write down in my A&F notepad, and stumbled across this bit I came up with a few years back. It was not completely fleshed out, but because of an article I came across this morning, I'm going to go ahead and throw it out there.

The article I found is about Six Flaggs Magic Mountain's newest attraction - CSI Live (I'm not making this up) - the "Half-hour production will let audience members witness a fake crime, then guide them through the "whodunit" process by using the scientific techniques featured in the series. Parkgoers will act as witnesses, suspects and crime investigators.... "The crime will not be a murder," (Liz) Kalodner (exec VP-general manager of CBS Consumer Products)said. "It will be a family-friendly show.'"

How refreshing... family friendly crime. Full story here.

So, here was my original bit from a few years back. Please feel free to add your own.

What movies have gone untapped by Disneyland and Six Flaggs amusement parks for possible rides or attractions? What current rides could use a little revamping?

The two I came up originally came up with are...

Roger Thornhill's Wild Ride - A revamped Mr. Toads Wild Ride, covering a brief passage from Hitchcock's North by Northwest. Join Roger on hair raising journey from Townsend Estate to the Glen Cove Police station, down twisting/turning, cliff hugging roads, while being pursued by secret agents bent on assaulting Roger with "a gun, a sports car and a bourbon."

2001: A Space Mountain Odyssey - What happens when a hyperkinetic rollercoaster ride is revamped into a hyperrealstic representation of a journey in space? The slowest rollercoaster in the world. While standing in line enjoy the exciting sights, such as - Frank Poole eating his dinner! - Frank playing chess with HAL!! - Dave Bowman sketching cryogenically frozen shipmates!!! - HAL... monitoring!!!! This is one of those attractions, like Sleeping Beauty's castle, that offers a fortunate few the opportunity to spend the night in a luxurious suite. That's right, you and a guest can spend the night in The Dave Bowman Room, complete with black monolith that doubles as a mini-bar and entertainment center.

Formerly Baal_T'shuvah

"Everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can't let the world judge you too much." - Maude 
Harold and Maude

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