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Stacey Orrico

Mara Jade

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Quick question: I was browsing around a Christian bookstore today and I saw a poster for a singer named Stacey Orrico. Then, just a few minutes ago, I flipped on MTV and saw someone that looked very much like her. Being absolutely uninterested in the current popular music scene, I just wanna know, has an actual Christian singer made it big?

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Without launching into a STEFatribe about how there should be no dividing lines between what we define as "Christian" and "secular" in music, i'd like to point out to Mara that quite a few Christian artists/musicians have "made it big" in the last couple of years. Should we start putting a list together?

For recent examples i'd probably start with Steve Taylor's Squint-couple:

Sixpence None the Richer and Chevelle.

and of course there's POD...

and if you really want to pee them off, tell Evanescence they're essentially a rebel from the alterna-ccm scene. It might hurt but it's still true.


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