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Name 10 great Christian rock songs

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10 great Christian rock songs - by Daniel Radosh

The comments are interesting too.

It's an interesting and wrong list, as these things always are, because I didn't make the list. :-)

It's also fun to see comments from many people I recognize.

And it's better than most because only about 50% of the comments (instead of the normal 90%) state:

1) How could you possibly leave <Musician/Band X> off the list?

2) What's wrong with you?

(and, because this is a list about Christian music)

3) I'll pray for you.

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Songs in my personal top ten:

I Still Believe (Great Design) by The Call

Judas' Kiss by Petra (Greg X Volz era)

I'm Not the King by Audio Adrenaline

Strong Tower by Phil Keaggy

The Lion's Den by Guardian (produced by Steve Taylor)

Rust by Holy Soldier

Solid Rock by Delirious

When the Clock Runs Down by Tamplin

Love Comes Down by Rez

Go to the Moon by Geoff Moore

Bonus Blues Track

Jesus Is Comin' Soon (as covered by Kaiser/Mansfield)

Nick Alexander

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There are two or three bands on that list that I've never even heard of, and a few tracks by bands that I HAVE heard of but the tracks themselves come from albums that came out after I stopped listening to them. Proof, if I ever needed it, that I have been out of touch with this scene for years.

In a similar vein, last night I watched a documentary on The Wittenburg Door, and it was concerned almost entirely with the work that Ole Anthony and his group have been doing since they took the magazine over about a decade ago; there was very little about the work that Mike Yaconelli and his crew did for the two or two-point-five decades before that. And again, as one who let his subscription lapse not too long after Ole Anthony took over, I found myself wondering why they had left out this, or that, or this, or that ...

"Sympathy must precede belligerence. First I must understand the other, as it were, from the inside; then I can critique it from the outside. So many people skip right to the latter." -- Steven D. Greydanus
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Much of that list is pretty obscure. Good choices though, especially The Lust, The Flesh and the Pride of Life by the 77's. That is one great song.

My list would include:

Grave Robber - Petra (1983, Not of This World)

Is it a little too upfront? Perhaps. But it will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a powerful declaration that as Christians we do not need to fear death or the grave. Those things have been overcome by the Prince of Life.

The River Will Flow - Whiteheart (1989 - Freedom)

I still go back and listen to this album from time to time, and this song always moves me. The guitar work is just perfect - in fact, the entire band is in excellent form throughout the song.

Never Enough - The Prayer Chain (1993 - Shawl)

Intense, brooding, and darker than most Christian music at the time. This was a very talented band whose members have gone on to make some very good music.

My Heart Beats in This Time - Honey (1998 - Lost on You)

This is one of the most inventive and distinct sounding worship albums I have ever heard. It came out before the massive influx of "Worship" music oversaturated the market, and it stands head and shoulders above just about everything in that mold.

Let the Day Begin - The Call (1989 - Let the Day Begin)

It serves as a stirring and persuasive invocation to engage the rest of the album. Michael Been was and is an under appreciated songwriter.

I'll add some more if I have time later.

Edited by Phill Lytle

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The Blue Raft - Are you ready to ride?

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Guest thom_jurek

"Dear Lord," from Thin Lizzy's Bad Reputation album. On that entire album--well, almost --Phil Lynott is searching for a way out of his addiction and sees it will only happen by Divine Providence and that song just BEGS for God's assistance with the protagonist on his knees. I just played it yesterday, so the memory is fresh.

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Does "A Living Prayer" by Alison Krauss count? It's an explicitly Christian song on an album that is not otherwise explicitly Christian (and is, in fact, depressing in many places).

"The Golden Road" by The Resurrection Band (second album, I think) is one of my all-time favorites.

I'm surprised to hear that Thin Lizzy has Christian songs, but not surprised that they flow from struggles with addiction. I always felt that his picture of human existence was a troubled one.

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