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Wandering Jew

Witness in a Tavern?

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Our humble christian contemporay band "Fools Forgiven" has recently been invited to minister at a motorcycle clubs yearly "run" on the I-5.

We have produced 2 CDs, been on the road for three years ministering at youth rallies, coffee houses, public events, county fairs, churches from washington to california and a couple of battle of the bands which were not even remotely connected to christianity but was an excellent oportunity to minister to "hardcore" rockers, punks, metalheads etc.

Anyhoo, we feel totally ready to play in this setting for a very nefarious biker gang whose infamy is renouned across the western U.S.

This will be our first show however in a local tavern so some of our members are somewhat apprehensive about the alcohol, smoking, etc.

Any words of encouragement would be helpful or even a related experience shared might help. :roll:


Wandering Jew.

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Alcohol and tobacco are the least of your worries. Just play your set, watch for flying bottles and try not to start any fights.

Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Do you know the deep dark secret of the avatars?

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