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Peter T Chattaway

The Lord of the Rings (1978)

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Links to 'Religious imagery in LotR page to screen' (Aug 2003), 'Extended 'Fellowship''2 Towers' hit theatres BEFORE 'Return'' (Aug 2003), 'The Two Towers DVD: Is this edition worth buying?' (Aug - Sep 2003), 'Return of the King, ELEVEN Oscars! At last!' (Sep 2003 - Apr 2004), 'GANDALF THE GrAY' (Oct 2003), 'The Two Towers - Extended Edition (split from ROTK)' (Nov - Dec 2003), 'McKellen: No Source of Morality in Hobbiton?' (Dec 2003), 'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, (the entire filmed work)' (Dec 2003 - Apr 2008), 'LOTR: The Return of The King - Extended Edition' (Mar 2004 - May 2005), 'Ringers:Lord Of The Fans, Premiering at Sundance...' (Jan 2005 - May 2008), 'LOTR EEs, Discussing them as one complete film...' (Feb 2005 - Jun 2006) and 'Re-reading LOTR in light of the films, Who do you see in your mind?' (Nov 2005).

Let me know if I missed anything. (Those threads all exist in the Film forum, BTW. I'm sure the list would be even longer if we counted Literature or even Music, etc.)

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Animator Ralph Bakshi on Why 'American Pop' Ended With a Lame Bob Seger Song

Do you have a particular aversion to orchestral music? I know that for your version of Lord of the Rings, you were at one point considering Led Zeppelin.

Not at one point. I was thinking all the way. I hate Leonard Rosenman's music in Lord of the Rings. I thought it was clich

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