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Ron Reed

The Top 100: Round One

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The Arts & Faith 100: Spiritually Significant Films

The First 32

(April 14, 2004 - slightly revised from original posting)

This is the list of the films which received the largest amount of support among the first round panel, and which WILL be part of the final list of 100. They are exempt from the general voting process. Fourteen first-round lists were submitted. The number in brackets following each title indicates the number of lists on which that film appeared.

2001: A Space Odyssey 8

Andrei Rublev 7

Apostle, The 13

Babette's Feast 10

Big Kahuna, The 8

Breaking The Waves 9

Crimes and Misdemeanours 9

Dead Man Walking 9

Dekalog 13

Diary of a Country Priest, The 9

Dogma 7

Gospel According to St. Matthew 12

Groundhog Day 7

It's A Wonderful Life 7

Jesus Of Montreal 7

Jesus Of Nazareth 8

Last Temptation of Christ, The 10

Magnolia 12

Mission, The 9

Ordet ("The Word") 8

Passion Of Joan of Arc, The 8

Passion of the Christ, The 8

Ponette 7

Schindler's List 7

Secrets and Lies 7

Seventh Seal, The 7

Son, The 8

Straight Story, The 8

Tender Mercies 8

Three Colours: Blue, White & Red 10

Waking Life 8

Wings Of Desire 7

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