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Andrew, I'm glad to hear that you like that Ninth that much. Among symphonic music, it's in a class by itself. I can't quite recall when I first heard it, but the melodies and rhythms of the first movement caught my attention right away, and so I was hooked from the get-go, more or less. 

I can't recall if this is in the article I linked to (or perhaps it's in another article), but the phone's owner apparently explained later than he had been using a Blackberry, and then, coincidentally, the day of the concert his employer had replaced his Blackberry with an iPhone. He hadn't learned how to use it yet but tried his best to ensure everything was silent ... unaware the whole time that alarms sound even if the phone is set to silent. Still, of all the movements in all the symphonies in the world, the phone just had to ring towards the end of the final movement of Mahler's Ninth!

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