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Michael Todd


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I have nothing against Alan, nor was I on the inside of the riffs that have occurred, but something bad seemed to go down right around the time that Ken left the board. I am so happy to see him back.

This reminds me of this phenomena that seems to be happening quite a bit in recent years - the idea of rebooting. The story of Batman has been rebooted. Today, a rebooted version of Star Trek was issued. It is more than than prequels, these stories have a hermeneutic that I pray for the church to examine. There is a then and there, and a here and now, all rolled up in a narrative that is nostalgic and new.

It also makes me reflect on Tolkien's concept of eucatastrophe. In the darkest moment, there is a good that could never happen if not for the catastrophe, that is actually a tremendous victory.

Anyhow... I was just cued up, and felt like writing this.

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I believe the proper term for what's happened here, in the territory of YouTube, is: YouCatastrophe.

Or perhaps, iCatastrophe? (It certainly felt that way.)

Or better, eCatastrophe?

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