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The Full Top 100 all on sale!

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I've been getting mailouts / emails from a company UK company called MovieMail ever since a previous resident of a house I used to live in forgot to let them know his change in address and they started looking so appealing I decided to open them and read them for myself. That was over 5 years ago.

And then today's email message says that they have a top 100 spiritualty significan films which are all on sale. so I look, and it's basically our list. With the apopropriate crediting. Our list!

So if you're in the UK, or don't mind paying the shipping there are some real bargains.

And if not, then it's one more way the top 100 is out there.

Either way it's cool.

Incidentally I blogged about this company a while back as well.


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Hmm. How many of these are all-region, I wonder?

Otherwise, this is incredibly cool!

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