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Movies Everyone Except You Loves

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Twelve pages! And adding because it is simple to hate and I am very sure about it and love to post with confidence. Much easier than spouting Greek oratory down by the sea.  Is anyone proud they didn't post here?  but I tarry...


The Passion of Joan of Arc

82 minutes of going room to room crying at closeups of old men repetitively mouthing the same words for $30.


Forrest Gump

I'd rather watch a Forest grow. Unlikeable Jenny is much better in Princess Bride. The overall story was like a joke, on the movie goers. Part of my reaction may be because it gets several orders of magnitude more attention and praise from the public than it deserves. I remember coming out of the theater with family members who really thought it was great, big smiles. I was alone in my assessment. I like Hank's comedy before the 90s. Good in Big. But now he seems out of place in some serious roles, a little soft, but I still give him a chance. I haven't seen many of his new movies.


Life of Brian

Not funny compared to most of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, even for a pagan. Life of Brian is a Brit example of irreverent humor run amok. Americans can be every bit as irreverent in humor. The command to be humorously irreverent to God was on the stone tablet Mel Brooks dropped in History of the World, Part I.

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Two glaring recent examples for me are Before Sunset and Before Midnight.


I guess I can understand and respect anybodys admiration for them, but by the end of both of these films, I honestly find the two central characters unsympathetic, frustrating, and unpleasant to spend time with. I also realise some that like these films agree with me on this, and like them despite those things!!!

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