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Chat Online with an Artist

Greg Wolfe

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So thanks to one of our uber-interns -- Nate Rogers of Top 100 website fame -- we've located an excellent chat module that actually works inside a thread. It's pretty cool. (It's not the Chat link at the top, which we will disable.)

Yay Nate!

"It's a dangerous business going out your front door." -- J.R.R. Tolkien
"I want to believe in art-induced epiphanies." -- Josie
"I would never be dismissive of pop entertainment; it's much too serious a matter for that." -- NBooth

"If apologetics could prove God, I would lose all faith in Him." -- Josie

"What if--just what if--the very act of storytelling is itself redemptive? What if gathering up the scraps and fragments of a disordered life and binding them between the pages of a book in all of their fragmentary disorder is itself a gambit against that disorder?" -- NBooth

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Well, Wim Wenders asked me to try him again in a few months, so now we need to pick someone else.

I'm thinking that a natural time to get someone to do a chat is when he/she has just published a book or released a CD or film. It's all about the PR....

Of course, it might take some time for the community to absorb something in order to have enough questions to ask.

Brett McCracken's book Hipster Christianity comes out next week. I wonder if y'all might like to pose some questions to him, maybe in late August or September....

Since this board is strongest in Film and Music, those are obvious zones to consider.

I don't want to overplay my hand -- IMAGE has a number of prominent friends in the arts but many are outside of our circle and even some in our circle will be shy about a chat, but I hope we'll come up with a good idea in the next month or two to test drive the whole thing.

Keep suggesting names!

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