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Songs of Abject Misery

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Hmmmm been travelling since the end of April.....working on a cold...feeling like crap but glad to be home.......and now this.......some salt and lemon for those spots where things are a little raw.

Albuquerque- Neil Young

It's a M*********er-Eels

The King Of Carrot Flowers part 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel

Boys, The Night Will Bury You- Richard Buckner


Little Suicides-Golden Palominos

How Fortunate the Man with None- John Martyn

Fistful of Love-Antony & the Johnsons

Pineola-Lucinda Williams

God Thing-Chris Whitley

Sea Engines- Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard

Different Stars- Trespassers William

Love Will Tear Us Apart- Swans(Jarboe version)

Song To the Siren- Tim Buckley

Kangaroo- Alex Chilton

When Under Ether-Pj Harvey

Chopin: Prelude #4 in E minor... when I want to go all the way it's Claudio Arrau..when I am having some mercy on myself it is Jorge Bolet.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."


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Jeff Kolb wrote:

: Remember how folks were so disappointed with that album when it came out?

Really? Drowning with Land in Sight was my introduction to the 77s, and I loved it. It's a major part of the soundtrack of the summer of '94, for me.

It was my intro to the 77s, too. But I remember older fans and True Tunes and the like giving it a hard time.

So you ladies and you gentlemen, pull your bloomers on...

-Joe Henry

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Crush by the Violet Burning

Low by the Violet Burning

And Fever. Can't ever forget that shocker.

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe.

Filmsweep by Persona. 2013 Film Journal. IlPersona.

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"The Rip" by Portishead. Beth Gibbons always sounds like she's about to break down in despair, but especially so on this song.

"I feel a nostalgia for an age yet to come..."
Opus, Twitter, Facebook

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Honestly, if anybody sings that song other than Jeff Buckley I can quickly descend into abject misery. Even Leonard Cohen, although, to be fair, just about anything he sings conjures abject misery. The problem is that "Hallelujah" has become, God help us all, an American Idol standard. Fraternity bros and cheerleaders named Muffy now sing "Hallelujah" on their way to kegger parties. Hip, ironic Christian kids now sing it in worship services.

It's all very sad. But nowhere near as sad as Jeff Buckley singing it. He will always be the King of Abject Misery.

I don't even like the buckley version! Overwrought! John Cale's is the best.

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Elvis Costello's version of George Jones' A Good Year for the Roses, for me the saddest of all breakup songs, especially the second verse...

After three full years of marriage

it's the first time that you haven't made the bed.

I guess the reason we're not talkin'

there's so little left to say, we haven't said.

While a million thoughts go racin' through my mind

I find I haven't said a word.

And from the bedroom those familiar sounds

of our one baby's cryin' goes unheard.

What a good year for the roses,

many blooms still linger there.

The lawn could stand another mowing...

funny how I don't even care.

As you turn to walk away,

as the door behind you closes,

the only thing I have to say,

"It's been a good year for the roses."

Formerly Baal_T'shuvah

"Everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can't let the world judge you too much." - Maude 
Harold and Maude

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Mike Knott : Double

For this category, I'd go with Knott's song "Rocket and a Bomb" ahead of "Double." Nice to see that another A&F'er has heard of him, though.

"Rocket and a Bomb" is probably a better song, but "Double" is so full of a certain familiar, all-too-human failure.

Eeh, Bye Bye Colour beats em both.

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe.

Filmsweep by Persona. 2013 Film Journal. IlPersona.

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