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Freakangels by Warren Ellis

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I just wanted to make sure that anyone interested was aware of this bit of work. It's an online "webcomic" but much more like a serialized graphic novel. It's updated every Friday pretty consistently with a six page episode, and he's up to episode 116. I started reading it when Warren started writing, so about 2 years ago, but it didn't catch my interest quickly enough for me to keep up with it, but over the holiday I gave it another chance and am really enjoying it.

The story is reminiscent a bit of Midnight's Children I guess, or Straczinski's Rising Stars on a bit more lowbrow point of comparison. It's about a group of 11 special individuals who have "superpowers" (though not specialized, individualized, powers so much as overall psychic abilities paired with natural abilities and skills that are amplified by their power), who, accidentally, destroyed civilization at some point. They've adopted the Whitechapel area of London to take care of to atone for their wrong, and the story so far is about their attempts to do this. It's a very slow-developing story, but it's got excellent characterization. This being Warren Ellis, there's plenty of salty language and fairly libertine attitudes towards sex, but there's also a real humanity in his writing. Some of the ideas that he tosses out during the story are pretty cool as well.

This could really come off as an incredible and epic story if Ellis sticks with it and takes it somewhere.

edit: forgot the address :)http://www.freakangels.com

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