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Chasing chastity on campus

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At my evangelical alma mater (the one that, indirectly, hosts this board), a student-led group calling itself "Haven" has been petitioning the administration for recognition as an official campus club. The group claims to provide students—primarily but not exclusively LGBT students—with a "safe place" to discuss sexuality.

Elsewhere the shoe appears to be on the other foot. The Washington Post reports that Catholic and Muslim university students are turning to each other for mutual support in pursuit of a chaste lifestyle.

Sarah Mumma, a devout Catholic and recent graduate of Northwestern University, affiliated herself closely with the Muslim Cultural Student Association during her time there. In her view, rooming with Muslim girls was a “haven amid the hookup culture and the pervasive dismissal of chastity as backwards, or even sinister.” She found that not only did she share with these Muslim women abstinence as a lifestyle, but found they shared other values in common. “Smart, well connected and serious Muslim girls I met in college became some of my best friends.”

It doesn't say anything about Protestants or evangelicals ... hm ...

The comment thread is pretty short, but it's clear that to at least some Post readers, "respect others' choices" applies only to some "others" making some choices.

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Arranged is a good movie to watch in connection with this topic. It's about two women-- one Orthodox Jewish, the other Muslim--who bond over their shared experiences of having their families try to arrange their husbands for them, and over rejecting the hook-up culture around them.

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