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John Drew

Christmas Cards and Ornaments

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I must admit that I no longer seem to be able to find the time to sit down and post cards anymore. And I've spent less time each year looking for and purchasing tree ornaments. It's become too simple to rely on Facebook and other social media to convey Season's Greetings. However, this little film from the BBC show Do Not Adjust Your Set made me smile.

The Christmas Card (1968) - by Terry Gilliam

Any favorite cards or ornaments that you've given, received, or purchased for your home? Tasteless humor you're willing to share? Items that have made you scratch you head?

Back in 1985, my mom had cancer surgery in early November. She had been sent home, but developed some complications from the surgery, and had to be readmitted just prior to Thanksgiving. Trying not to get too graphic here, but during the original procedure the surgeon nicked her small intestine, and she developed an infection. She spent a month in the hospital on a liquid diet while she healed. For a while it seemed like we would be spending Christmas at the hospital. However, she was released two days shy of Christmas. It had been difficult trying to shop for her that year, but I went into a Hallmark store, and found this...


My mom was a big collector of owls, and was predominantly the one to buy our yearly decorations. So, it felt particularly good to be able to give this to her. We'd only have one more Christmas with her before she passed away in 1987, but this ornament still has a special place on my tree.

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