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Congrats Greg and Image!

M. Leary

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BioLogos awardees announced today. Noticed someone familiar!

"President Gregory Wolfe and Director of Resource Development for IMAGE will gather artists and writers of faith whose work explores the dialogue between evolutionary science and faith practice, convening a conversation between them and scientists, theologians, and church leaders in private and public conferences."

"...the vivid crossing of borders between film and theology may save the film from the banality of cinema and festival business, and it may also save the church from the deep sleep of the habitual and the always known."

(Hans Werner Dannowski)

Filmwell | Twitter

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Praise should be directed in particular to Stuart Scadron-Wattles, our director of resource development, who worked very hard alongside Greg to get this grant.

We are excited about this! We haven't had a lot of science-focused things in IMAGE, but this is a very cool opportunity.

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