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Surprise, surprise: Alex von Tunzelmann @ Guardian gives Ron Howard's latest film a B+ for entertainment and a C+ for history.

I'm not going to let that comment stand alone.


If you read the article, you'll find that on the depiction of the protagonists' friendship, the writer concludes: "To be fair, accuracy on this point would make for a much duller film." That's fair. Anyone who wants the unvarnished truth can, I suspect, read the book the author cites.


On the film's depiction of "setbacks," the big gotcha is the fact that a character is said that he needs to sell an enormous home -- something that actually did happen, but not until a few decades later. If this ruins the film for anyone, I'll eat my shorts.


The best swipe comes in the article's contrast between the film and reality in its depiction of its main characters. Turns out Lauda dumped a girlfriend for the woman he's shown marrying in the film. As for the hatchet job you might have expected from the C-plus for history, the writer states, "Peter Morgan's smartly constructed screenplay and Daniel Brühl's exceptional performance capture Lauda's brusque manner perfectly – perhaps because Lauda himself advised on the film. 'When I first saw the movie, I said, "Shit! That's really me,"' Lauda said."


So we have an exciting film with a smartly constructed screenplay and an exceptional performance that captures one of the main character's personality's perfectly. As for the climactic racing scene, "The film's pivotal moment is the infamous German Grand Prix at Nürburgring in 1976, which it recreates with terrific historical precision and cinematic flair, both technical and artistic."


In conclusion, "Rush takes a mechanic's wrench to a few of the facts, but it puts what is left of them together into a strikingly accomplished and watchable film."


So, yeah, C-plus.

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Heh. This was one of the few times I didn't read the article before posting the link, because I expect to see the film itself very soon and I'd rather see it before reading the critique.

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