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99 Homes (2014)

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Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon are set to star in 99 Homes, a timely drama that will be directed by Ramin Bahrani and will start production November 18 in New Orleans.


Set against the backdrop of the economic crisis, the drama revolves around an unemployed contractor who gets evicted from his family home with his mother and his nine‐year old son. Desperate to get his home back, he strikes a deal to work for the powerful, greedy, charming, gun‐toting real estate broker (Shannon) who evicted him. While it puts a roof over his daughter’s head, becoming the broker’s apprentice puts the contractor in a moral bind: is having a home worth losing your values and soul?


Link to threads on Bahrani's other films, At Any Price, Goodbye Solo, Chop Shop, Man Push Cart, and his Werner Herzog-narrated short Plastic Bag.

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I try not to get excited about casting/directing/project announcements, but I can't help it: This one excites me.

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