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Evan C

Alice (1990)

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I nominated Alice for the top 25 Divine Comedies, because I feel it is a perfect example of a comedy with spiritual themes about finding your vocation, finding happiness, and sacrificing oneself for others.  It's also one of Allen's funniest films IMO, and definitely one of his most positively spiritual and optimistic films.  Since only three films per director can make the list, I really hope that we can get this on it along with Hannah and Her Sisters and The Purple Rose of Cairo.


If you're not a fan of Allen, I think there is still a decent chance you might enjoy this one.  It's thematically much more similar to The Purple Rose of Cairo and Midnight in Paris than Manhattan or Annie Hall.


It's not the best known Woody Allen film, and it can be somewhat difficult to track down.  But I found the entire film online for anyone who wants to watch it.



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Bumping this thread, because I want to stress a final time how perfectly I feel Alice fits our Divine Comedies theme, and to encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it before voting.  Same goes for The Purple Rose of Cairo


Link for Alice is above.  Amazon instant video link for Purple Rose here:



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