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Darrel Manson

Film contest

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This email came to church today. I know nothing of the people involved, but I thought I'd pass it on.

> We love for your members to be represented in our

> contest. Please, post this

> contest on your website and announce by e-mail to

> the filmmakers in your group.

> Blessings,

> Jana Segal



> seeks uplifting, heartwarming movies (five minutes

> or less) that show the

> good in the world today. Stories that inspire the

> best in us! Top 20 promoted

> on the Winners' Tape to be screened at Reel Visions

> Filmmakers Conference and

> other venues. First prize: cash and free admission

> to conference. Check

> website for other prizes as they are finalized.

> Entry fee: $20.

> Deadline: Submissions accepted July 1 through August

> 2, 2004.

> For applications and information:

> reelinspiration@hotmail.com

> www.reelinspiration.org


> All funds raised from the "Reel Inspiring Film

> Contest" and the Winners Reel

> support Reel Inspiration and help fund filmmakers'

> events such as the "Reel

> Visions Filmmaking Conference" and other resources

> for filmmakers.


> Reel Inspiration's mission is to encourage and

> promote the production and

> theatrical success of a diverse array of films with

> entertaining, powerful

> stories that uplift, challenge, give hope, or

> inspire the human consciousness.

A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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