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Walden, a Game

J.A.A. Purves

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Turning Walden into a Game and how Narrative to lead to "Sublime" Gaming:
“... Beyond needing to build a shelter and go about the day in and day out of finding food and surviving, the woods of this virtual Walden Pond are filled with small wonders and situations that you can only find by exploring beyond the places you might routinely go to forage.

Players can, for instance, happen upon a mother partridge and her chick, see a perch jump from the water or get caught in a sudden thunderstorm.

The more these moments happen, the more inspired a player is meant to become by nature and the closer their bond to the natural elements of their new lives, Fullerton said.

‘Those who experience these peak moments are more apt to experience more of them and vice versa,’ she said. ‘As one explores the virtual world the opportunity to find these moments depends on the state you're in ...’”

“... The game play of this virtual Walden will embody the nature of the experiment that Thoreau set for himself: to live as simply and wisely as he might as a part of nature and not apart from it ... Walden, the Game, will bring the writing of Thoreau to life in an immersive experience where his work will be encountered by a new generation of readers in a form that will capture their attention and imagination ...”

I don't really know what to say at this point other than to post a picture like this.

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I'm tempted to parody the Walden game idea by adapting the original book over Minecraft footage. I have doubts that gaming, especially as we know it, could produce the same sort of sublimity that one may attain through living in nature. I'm a little scared of the prospect, actually.


Myself, I'm holding out for an interactive Waiting For Godot.

Did George Clinton ever get a permit for the Mothership, or did he get Snoop Dogg to fetch one two decades late?

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Not strictly related, but--have you ever thought it's time to bring Walden into the 21st Century?

Matthew B. Steel, bearded design guru, in partnership with Brooklyn based poet Billy Merrell, will be Kickstarting a new edition of Walden for the 21st century.

Now, you can enjoy an illustrated, tastefully bound and freshly edited version, full of gender-neutral pronouns, stripped of archaisms and obscure references to classical literature.

This is stupid. Making Walden modern in the way this guy means is the opposite of Thoreau's project. Making it easier to read is an attack on the book's very philosophical basis. It makes the video game look like an actually good idea.

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