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Fathers Day


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I considered putting this thread in Short-Term Parking, but thinking we might want to revisit it over the years, stuck it here instead.


I hadn't given Fathers Days much thought until this morning, when my wife mentioned it was this Sunday. I have church set-up and takedown that day (we have to assemble and take down equipment for our church, which meets in a [wait for it] fire station), and I hadn't given the rest of the day much thought.


Does anyone have any Fathers Day traditions -- celebrating either your fatherhood, or your dad's?


I usually receive cards from my wife and kids, maybe a small gift. And maybe breakfast prepared to my specifications. :)

"What matters are movies, not awards; experiences, not celebrations; the subjective power of individual critical points of view, not the declamatory compromises of consensus." - Richard Brody, "Godard's Surprise Win Is a Victory for Independent Cinema," The New Yorker

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