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Building scale models as a hobby

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Does anyone here build scale models as a hobby?


I built a bunch of models back when I was in my early teens, but did not have the patience to do so very well. Late last year, my son got a 1:2500 scale U.S.S. Enterprise-C from Polar Lights, and we built it together. He lost interest as we got deeper in to the process - it required fine detail work that he was not interested in doing - but I enjoyed it so much I bought another set - the Star Trek Movies set from Polar Lights, featuring the NCC-1701 Refit from Wrath of Khan, the Reliant, and a Klingon K'Tinga, all in 1:2500 scale. I enjoyed working on them bit by bit, though my work still suffers from sloppiness. 


I just finished those models Sunday morning, and at lunch time, my family gave me my Father's Day presents - including a 1:1000 scale NX-01 model kit from Polar Lights. I really want to do this one as well as I can. 


So, I thought I'd check in here. Anyone here do this as a hobby, or is it just me?


In case you were wondering, my name is spelled "Denes House," but it's pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove."
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