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Darrel Manson

A Streetcar Named Desire

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Saw the NTLive broadcast of this last night. Very interesting staging--in the round with revolving stage. Overall a good production. Gillian Anderson in the role of Blanche. Maybe a bit over the top, but that seems to fit Blanche.


This is just the 2nd NTLive work we've seen (Strange Case of a Dog... a couple years ago). And we're seeing Medea on Sunday afternoon. Interesting was to see a stage play. Very much like watching a film with different cameras and cuts--really worked well with Strange Case of a Dog... because we felt we wouldn't have seen near as much if we'd seen it in person. In Streetcar I think it was a little less effective, because the set was such that you would be pulled--or at least have the opportunity to focus your attention-- to minor things happening in a different area than the cameras were pointing.

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