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Peter T Chattaway

DreamWorks Animation

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Links to our threads on live-action DreamWorks' moves to Paramount (Dec 2005) and Disney (Feb 2009).

DreamWorks Animation, the outfit that began 20 years ago as an attempt to out-Disney Disney (with films like The Prince of Egypt) and ended up becoming a disposable-comedy-sequel machine (Madagascar 3, Shrek 4, etc.), might be sold to a Japanese conglomerate.

Here is a list of DreamWorks Animation releases, with links to the ones that we have threads for:

1998 -- Antz
1998 -- The Prince of Egypt
2000 -- The Road to El Dorado
2000 -- Chicken Run (co-production with Aardman Animation)
2001 -- Shrek
2002 -- Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
2003 -- Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
2004 -- Shrek 2
2004 -- Shark Tale
2005 -- Madagascar
2005 -- Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (co-production with Aardman Animation)
2006 -- Over the Hedge
2006 -- Flushed Away (co-production with Aardman Animation)
2007 -- Shrek the Third
2007 -- Bee Movie
2008 -- Kung Fu Panda
2008 -- Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
2009 -- Monsters vs Aliens
2010 -- How to Train Your Dragon
2010 -- Shrek Forever After
2010 -- Megamind
2011 -- Kung Fu Panda 2
2011 -- Puss in Boots
2012 -- Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
2012 -- Rise of the Guardians
2013 -- The Croods
2013 -- Turbo
2014 -- Mr Peabody & Sherman
2014 -- How to Train Your Dragon 2
2014 -- Penguins of Madagascar
2015 -- Home
2016 -- Kung Fu Panda 3
2016 -- Trolls
2016 -- Trollhunters
2017 -- The Boss Baby
2017 -- Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
2019 -- How to Train Your Dragon 3
2019 -- Everest
2019 -- Trolls 2

Rumoured or in development:

The Adventures of Beekle
Flawed Dogs
Monkeys of Bollywood
Shrek 5


The Croods 2

See also our thread on 'anthropomorphic munchies redux', which gets into Antz and the original Madagascar.

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For a


disposable-comedy-sequel machine

I do like the Po!  Kung Fu Panda


News updates on Dreamworks, the animation workers are being pinched and apparently pinching back ...

NBCUniversal completes purchase of DreamWorks Animation; Katzenberg payday tops $390 million  Aug 22, 2016 LA Times

NBCUniversal to cut 200 jobs in DreamWorks Animation takeover   Sept 15, 2016 LA Times (200 jobs is 10%)

Animation Workers Reach $50 Million Settlement With DreamWorks Animation Oct 17, 2016 Variety

In the last article "DreamWorks and other companies violated antitrust laws by conspiring to set animation wages via nonpoaching agreements." (Includes Pixar; Lucasfilm; The Walt Disney Co.; Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks; Blue Sky; and ImageMovers)

Dreamworks releases Trolls Nov 4, 2016 in the US, voiced by Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake.

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Cartoon Brew on news reports that Oriental DreamWorks is floundering:

"Much more can be said about Oriental Dreawmorks — and it’ll probably be said by someone at some point — but at this juncture, it’s simply interesting to observe how Jeffrey Katzenberg’s entire animation empire was basically a house of cards. Nothing he created was built to last because there was never a strong foundation, creatively or otherwise, underpinning any of his ideas.

"Once DWA started faltering creatively, Katzenberg started making outlandish bets on the future — the future is 3D filmmaking! the future is China! — to help distract investors from the fact that the company was adrift without a captain. The charade worked long enough for him to squeeze out a few hundred million for himself, but what remains today of Dreamworks that actually has any value is meager to say the least."

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