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winter shaker

Elmer Gantry

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I'm doing my honest best trying to procrastinate from studying for my OT final tomorrow. I started reading Elmer Gantry this month (I'm interested in reading stories about clergy - Gilead, Book of Bebb, Diary of a Country Priest, etc...) and it has certainly been the funniest novel I've read all year. It tells the tale of a drunk and womanizer who becomes a Baptist minister. I'm only about 25-33% through so I still don't know all the details. What makes Elmer such a great character is that despite his profligacy, there seem to be real moments of earnest conviction; he's not a constant con man but his sincere revelations appear rare. It's fascinating seeing such a flawed character, particularly a minister. At the time the book was published (1927 or 1929 I believe) it caused controversy. 


I'm wondering if anyone knows how it compares to the film based on the novel starring Burt Lancaster?

He finds no mercy

And he's lost in the crowd

With an armoured heart of metal

He finds he's running out of odd-numbered daisies

From which to pull the petals

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