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I hope you will all forgive me if this post is rather self-promotional. I hope also that those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter are not already sick to death of me talking about this. I will try to be brief here...


Last year, my friend and colleague of several years, Ashley Wiederhold, approached me about starting a new literary endeavor of some sort-- a platform for amateur and aspiring writers, for former English majors itching to express themselves, for bloggers and short story writers and poets of all stripes. Our aim was to come up with something that could be approachable but also sophisticated; something fun but still deep.


The fruit of our labor: Cahoots... part book-ish blog, part quarterly literary review. The former component is already up and running; the latter will debut in April, and include a bounty of original poetry, fiction, essay, memoir, and the like.


It's a bit of a mess, maybe, but to hold our interest it would pretty much have to be.


But anyway: I bring it up mostly because we are currently accepting submissions both to the quarterly and to the blog, and I know there are many writers gathered here who may or may not be interested in joining our particular conversation. If that's the boat you're in then by all means, check us out here or on Facebook. We will try our best to show you a good time.



Partner in Cahoots


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