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Into the Inferno

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Werner Herzog is going to branch out by making a documentary about living in extreme conditions and the shadow of destruction:



Filming on Into the Inferno will commence this year in North Korea, with production then moving to Indonesia, Italy, Hawaii, Iceland and Eritrea, ahead of a planned 2016 release. The film will see Herzog team with leading volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, whom he met in Antarctica while filming Encounters at the End of the World in 2006. The duo will travel to active volcanoes around world and explore how societies survive under the constant threat of eruption — and in doing so, also examine how these "mountains of fire" have inspired culture from antiquity to the present day.


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I enjoyed it, as it's exactly what I expected it to be--lots of beautiful shots of volcanoes mixed in with Herzogian philosophical musings. The tangential moments, such as when they go to Ethiopia to look for human fossils (not very interesting) or a large lake in North Korea (very interesting, because it's Werner Herzog in North Korea) are extended rabbit trails, and I found some of the most amazing volcano footage to be from other filmmakers, and not Herzog's team. But it's very interesting how much religion, spirituality, and ideology is discussed here, as I'm not sure I ever would have personally made that connection.

On 5/7/2015 at 0:36 AM, Peter T Chattaway said:

Herzog already did something like this in La Soufrière – Waiting for an Inevitable Disaster, a 1977 documentary short in which he traveled to a volcanic island to visit the one person who had disobeyed an evacuation order.

Herzog brings this up in the film, and includes some of the footage from that documentary. This new volcano documentary sorta sprang out of a friendship Herzog formed with one of the scientists he was filming for Encounters at the End of the World.

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