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Iconic Christian Photographs

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I've been reading Grant Wacker's excellent new book on Billy Graham. I've only ever read one of Billy Graham's books and the only preaching of any significant length I've heard of him is the feature they produced a few years ago that is interspersed with other Christians like Lecrae. For what little that is, I admire Graham a lot for his evangelism and for what he represents. Wacker writes that Graham represented "Heartland America" and that while he was criticized for becoming too friendly with presidents, in so doing he was also Heartland America's "vicarious representative to the White House.


Hagiography over and more to the point, I think this might be my favourite photograph ever:





It's a fascinating picture of two Christians widely admired within mainstream American culture. Johnny Cash more of the "prodigal," Billy Graham the upright, honest, moral preacher (heck, even the dichotomy of the "Man in Black" next to Graham in a pale suit!). I'm wondering if there are any iconic photographs for the rest of you that pertain to Christianity that stand out to you - perhaps something recent like Pope Francis comforting Vinicio Riva?

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I was at the 1993 Columbus Ohio Crusade, where if memory serves, Johnny Cash performed:

Edited by Buckeye Jones

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