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Short Film Projects

Darryl A. Armstrong

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I haven't visited this section of the site for years. I wanted to share a link to a short film I worked on a few months ago when I was back in Pennsylvania. I didn't necessarily want to create a whole new thread for it, but skimming through the topics I didn't see a catch-all topic to share links to projects. So I guess I'll start this thread with that idea. Feel free to share any projects you've worked on.

Anyway, here's the film. It's just 1 minute, made for a local 1-minute-film festival, Atticus+London: Monster Hunters:



"It's a dangerous business going out your front door." -- J.R.R. Tolkien
"I want to believe in art-induced epiphanies." -- Josie
"I would never be dismissive of pop entertainment; it's much too serious a matter for that." -- NBooth

"If apologetics could prove God, I would lose all faith in Him." -- Josie

"What if--just what if--the very act of storytelling is itself redemptive? What if gathering up the scraps and fragments of a disordered life and binding them between the pages of a book in all of their fragmentary disorder is itself a gambit against that disorder?" -- NBooth

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Darryl.  I thought the film was fun and I liked the look of it.  It managed to do a lot considering the running time.

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