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The Red Turtle


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Great choice, Justin. At this point, it's in the top 5 of the 2016 films that are most special to me.

When SDG compiled a list of friends'/A and F'er top 10's at the end of 2016, the absence of this film from all of those lists suggests many haven't seen it. It was SDG's #4, FWIW...and I think that's worth a lot given his thoughtful approach to animation in film.

Streaming on Amazon channel Starz by the way....along with a few other fine Ghibli titles.

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FWIW, my capsule review from last year:

Well this was a fine way to kick off my birthday. Produced by Studio Ghibli (the outfit behind Hayao Miyazaki’s films), The Red Turtle marks the feature debut of Dutch animator Michael Dudok de Wit, who won an Oscar for his short film Father and Daughter and was previously nominated for The Monk and the Fish — and in some ways this is really two short films put together. The first half is a brilliantly naturalistic depiction of a man stranded on a desert island and his persistent efforts to escape that island, leavened with gently surreal dream sequences in which, for example, instead of simply floating across the ocean, the man sees a bridge across the ocean and floats across that. But then something genuinely magical happens at the midway point, and the second half of the film becomes an ode to the “cycle of life”. I’m not sure that the magical plot twist works as well as it should, but I liked the film’s light humour (the crabs almost steal the show), and I definitely appreciated its matter-of-fact depiction of death and violence in the natural world, from the animals that are sometimes found washed up on the beach to the tsunami that hits the island with devastating force. See this film on a big screen if you can, for the sound design as well as the visuals.

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This movie deserves more viewers.  Its clearly the best animation of the year, with every little movement feeling carefully alive, and every cut perfectly timed.  Utterly gorgeous on a visual level.  I confess I don't think its themes are quite as deep as others do (its ode to the life-cycle is simply that and nothing more as far as I can see), and its metaphors are perhaps a little awkward, but it makes up for it all with beauty.

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