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Yann Martel - The High Mountains of Portugal

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Yann Martel is best known for Life of Pi, which is a fine book, but his follow-up, Beatrice and Virgil, floored me like hardly any book I can recall. And his new novel, The High Mountains of Portugal, is on track to do it again:


...Jesus seeks to benefit us. A story is a wedding in which we listeners are the groom watching the bride coming up the aisle. It is together, in an act of imaginary consummation, that the story is born. This act wholly involves us, as any marriage would, and just as no marriage is exactly the same as another, so each of us interprets a story differently, feels for it differently. A story calls upon us as God calls upon us, as individuals--and we like that. Stories benefit the human mind. Jesus trod the earth with the calm assurance that he would stay with us and we would stay with him so long as he touched us through stories, so long as he left a fingerprint upon our startled imagination. And so he came not charging on a horse but quietly riding a story.


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