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Process vs Open Theism

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Many years ago there was a thread (now read only) on Open Theism. Here's a podcast that would have fit well there. https://homebrewedchristianity.com/2017/10/09/teamprocess-vs-teamopentheism-live-from-st-paul/

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Thanks for sharing – it brought me back, in a comforting way, to an on-line discussion on this same topic  (of course it’s mostly way beyond my understanding).  I was hoping the two theologians might relate their views to some present day issues, though I didn’t listen to every word.  The point about prayer did come up - If process thought denies that prayer could ever change anything, or oneself, that is discouraging. My vague impression is that process thought seems to make God too dependent on humanity,  in a way that doesn’t offer much reassurance or hope.   Of the two “sermons” at the end, I felt Boyd’s open theism interpretation of eschatology was far more appealing.  

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when i click on the podcast link i'm warned of insecurity & hackers & stuff

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