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Joel Mayward

2017 Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury Nominations and Discussion Thread

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3 hours ago, kenmorefield said:

Assuming I may not have time to watch every nominee I haven't seen, in what order should I prioritize: Brigsby Bear, Columbus, Logan Lucky, and Son of Joseph?

Columbus and The Son of Joseph are both in my Top 10 of 2017 at #5 and #7, respectively. I haven't seen Brigsby Bear, and Logan Lucky honestly surprises me as being a nominee for this list.

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12 hours ago, kenmorefield said:

Wish you had let me know you wanted to see the Breadwinner -- GKIDS was being very liberal with screener requests. 

Huh. I emailed them twice and never heard back. If it's not too late, I'd still be happy to see it, if you have a connection.

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On 12/23/2017 at 1:36 PM, kenmorefield said:

Doubt it has enough time to generate traction, but I'll nominate Breathe, which deals with quality of life arguments and marriage in ways that I think are appropriate for this list. 

I'm noticing this far, *far* too late to make any difference to the votes now, but for what it's worth, I didn't care for this film's dim depiction of religion, nor, for admittedly personal reasons, did I care for its basically positive depiction of euthanasia.

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11 hours ago, RobM said:

When will the results be posted

I'm working on gathering the last of the blurbs from jury members, then the list will go up on IMAGE some time prior to the Oscars. Hopefully sooner than later!


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2 hours ago, Peter T Chattaway said:

Still gathering? And here I thought *I* missed the deadline! ;)

You were fine. :) All blurbs have been gathered, and the full list, write-ups, and Honorable Mentions has been sent to IMAGE.

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3 hours ago, Peter T Chattaway said:

Ya never posted Part 2! :)

Good point. Here's Part 2. Read the write-ups at Image; our list and jury members' honorable mentions are listed below:

The Top 10:

1) The Unknown Girl

2) The Salesman

3) The Florida Project

=4) Personal Shopper

=4) The Lost City of Z

6) Graduation

7) A Quiet Passion

8) Mudbound

9) Columbus

10) mother!

Honorable Mentions:

Anders Bergstrom (3 Brothers Film)—Blade Runner 2049

Josh Cabrita (MUBI Notebook / Cinema Scope)—First Reformed

Peter Chattaway (FilmChat)—Marjorie Prime

Evan Cogswell (Catholic Cinephile)—Lady Bird

Steven D. Greydanus (National Catholic Register)—My Happy Family

Christian Hamaker (Crosswalk)—Only the Brave

Josh Hamm (Freelance)—Song to Song

Gareth Higgins (The Porch / Movies & Meaning)—Endless Poetry

M. Leary (Filmwell)—Last Flag Flying

Noel T. Manning (Cinemascene)—Logan

Joel Mayward (Cinemayward)—Dunkirk

Kenneth R. Morefield (1More Film Blog)—The Work

Jeffrey Overstreet (Looking Closer)—The Breadwinner

Kevin Sampson (Picture Lock)—Get Out

Melissa Tamminga (Seattle Screen Scene)—24 Frames

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