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We have created a networking group for Christian filmmakers to help expand the Faith-based market. We have a Facebook group called Christian FIlmmakers Networking where you can network with other people in the industry. We also have a website www.christianfilmmakersnetworking.com where we feature some new and up and coming professionals in the industry. We also feature some of the biggest pioneers who have paved the way for so many who want to be involved. The only rules that we have are that you are respectful and that you do not post anything that does not honor God. There is never a charge to join the group or to be featured on the website. We truly have a heart for helping to grow the faith-based entertainment industry. God has blessed our company and we want to give back. Let's face there is strength in numbers and it never hurts to have friends who are willing to help you get you to where you need to be. Please feel free to check us out. 


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AWESOME.  Two quick things/notes really.

ONE--Most important one.  I am writing a script based on 2 Kings 2:24.  Its a gritty black comedy tale of REALISTIC violence and VENGEANCE:  Logline:  After his only son is mauled to death by a bear commanded by the Prophet Elisha, widower Elkaniah son of Jerushabem sets out to avenge his son's untimely death by betraying the kingdom to Naaman of Aram.  But just when Elkaniah has turned his back on God, God has another thing planned for him. 

It's gonna be AWESOME.  Like Passion of the Christ but with bears and prophets and romance (widower meets Shunnamite widow!!!) and faith and redemption and a little bit of deMille style decadence (you think Claudette Colbert was the only ancient person into milk baths?)

TWO-- I couldn't help but notice your legends page felt a little .... well, not very legendary.  But I was glad to see you had John Carpenter on there.  Halloween was AMAZING.

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