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Claire's Knee (1970)

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I did a search, but we don't appear to have many (any?) specific threads for Rohmer's films, just one large thread for all his films. Anyway, I wrote something about Claire's Knee, which struck me differently than when I first watched it several years ago. 


That Rohmer presents Jerome as a cad and the sexual liberation of his and Aurora’s generation as a destructive lie, is enough for me to favor Claire’s Knee over scores of films that champion sexual freedom and blame human unhappiness on the puritanical taboos themselves rather than on the taboo actions that for generations were almost universally condemned. But the film has a final scene which extends beyond the simple binary of victims and victimizers and hints at deeper and more complicated moral questions.

I didn't really get into this part of it, but if I have a chief complaint about Rohmer's Six Moral Tales it may be that there is almost too much ambiguity, if that is even possible for me. Maybe it's because I've recently started watching Lost on DVD and have been struck by the show's (and J.J. Abrams's ongoing) conflation of indeterminacy with ambiguity, but there is a very fine line between opacity and obscurity, between hidden or subtle meanings and blank ciphers that allow (and hence invite) you to make of them what you will. 

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