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Hello everyone,

I am interested in putting together a screener interest mailing list for people who would be willing to start (or continue) a film thread if they get an online or DVD screener. I get a lot of these (especially in fall) and there is no way for me to watch/review them all. I'm slowly reaching out to publicists to find which of them (who send me screeners) would be okay with comments being posted at Arts & Faith rather than my own film blog and which, if any would be okay with me directing interested writers to reach out to them or forwarding the e-screeners they send to a site-specific writer.

These are mostly small, indie films, documentaries, world cinema, "Christian" films, but occasionally there are some notable ones. (Don't expect you are going to get an online copy of Star Wars, is what I'm saying.) If that's something that interests you, please send me a PM or e-mail. 


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