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Peter T Chattaway

Oscars 2019: Best Live Action Short

Which film WILL win the Oscar?  

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The shortlist:

  • “Caroline”
  • “Chuchotage”
  • “Detainment”
  • “Fauve”
  • “Icare”
  • “Marguerite”
  • “May Day”
  • “Mother”
  • “Skin”
  • “Wale”

I'll try to rustle up some trailers -- and perhaps any complete (legit) online versions of these films that might exist -- when I have a moment.

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Almost forgot about this. Here are the videos I've been able to round up (in a few cases, the films had fairly common titles, so I hope I've picked the right ones!).

First, some of the films (Caroline, Fauve, Icare) are available online in their entirety (at least for now!) :

Next, some of the films (Chuchotage, Detainment, Marguerite, May Day, Mother, Wale) have trailers:






The only one I couldn't track down at all was Skin. Matters were not helped at all by the fact that I found one website which claimed that the Oscars had shortlisted a *feature* film called Skin that played at TIFF 2018. Uh, no. All of the films on the short-film shortlist are, uh, short films, not feature-length films.

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Well. It turns out four of the five nominated films concern children who are imperiled, or die, or are violent in some way. What message is the Academy sending here...?

BTW, it occurs to me that there is now a trailer for Skin, which was the only film I couldn't find footage from before (warning: at least one four-letter-word):


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