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Backing up or Preserving Content


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Our recent iteration of the A&F Top 25 has got be looking at how other lists were made and (especially the Top 100) posted. While several of these were announced at other places, like the IMAGE good letters, the primary lists and blurbs were/are housed here (often times on separately created pages). This is slightly different than the Ecumenical Jury which has been discussed here but written up elsewhere (IMAGE, Transpositions). 

That process in conjunction with board software upgrades (which are often beyond my technical capabilities to find and about which I've just been paying someone to do) has gotten me thinking about being intentional as far as creating backups or archives for parts of A&F content we want to preserve.

I haven't gotten into details with anyone yet, but we came very close to losing all of the past A&F content when I bought the site from IMAGE. It was nobody's fault, but the web hosting expired and reminders that content was about to be deleted was going to e-mails that were no longer actively used as IMAGE staff had left or moved on. I bring that up because were something to happen to me, I could see the same thing happening as far nobody else having access to the board's control panel or having access to the various passwords for software license, hosting, domain registration, etc., all of which are with different companies. Right now J.A.A. Purves has been left as Administrator (carried over from IMAGE) for that very reason. He said that was okay for a stopgap, but he's not regularly here.  Eventually, I'll probably ask Joel or Andrew to go from Moderator to Admin so they can take care of the board issues if I have some sort of short term absence. 

But that's a longer context to say that we may want to think about creating archives or backups that are separate from me in case this board/web site ever goes away...at least for parts of it...the various Top 100 lists and Top 25 lists and discussions surrounding them are probably things worth preserving. Are there other threads or forums? And what would be the best way of simply and easily creating backups of that content?


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1 hour ago, kenmorefield said:

Are there other threads or forums?

I don't have time for a lengthier response (about to leave the office), but two quick things: First, thanks for thinking about this ahead of time, Ken, and making sure there's an awareness of preservation in our digital age. Second, Ron Reed's ongoing "Movie Calendar" project is the first thing beyond the Top lists that came to mind as worth preserving: 


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