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Artemisia Gentileschi

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One of my life goals is to try to see all the existing Artemesia paintings on public display. I doubt I'll make it...they are scattered a little too far...but I'm closing in on all the ones in the U.S. 

Cindy and I went to Detroit last weekend and I saw Judith and Her Maidservant at the Detroit Institute of Art. It was fantastic, though the lighting made it hard to get a good angle. I appreciate how often the women's hands are featured in her paintings. I've also seen her work at Uffizi and Pitti Palace as well as Colombus, and Toledo. Wikipedia says there is now one in Virginia, but I've been to that museum before and didn't remember it, so perhaps it was a new acquisition. I see there is also one in St. Louis now. Perhaps that will be the next trip. 


Judith and Her Maidservant.jpg

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3 hours ago, Barbara Swan said:

So...why Artemisia?  What makes you want to see everything she ever painted?

Her work is beautiful and very moving. Her biography is fascinating. I've never been much of a travel for travel sake, so having a goal makes me more likely to go to places I wouldn't otherwise. (I probably would not have gone to Detroit if I didn't know that painting was there.)

Also, when I was younger (20s/30s) I was around a lot more conservative (religiously and politically) push back against so-called "feminist" attempts to broaden the canon that claimed "the great books/art" tradition was only evidence of sexism in past ages, so I went through a period of trying to learn about discover women artists and authors who were renowned and accomplished in their day and only later excluded from the "canon" (such as it is) when the early 20th century reflected bias against them. Artemesia is a fantastic talent who showed her work in her own day. Yet very few people outside of art enthusiasts know her name. 

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