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Jojo Rabbit (20190

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It appears that we have no thread for this and just a few mentions in festival threads. Given that it won the People's Choice Award at TIFF (as did Green Book) and is thus on an Oscar shortlist, I figured I'd give it its own thread. 

I wrote a review comparing it to Huck Finn as a way, I hope of explaining both why I liked it but also why it didn't quite have the emotional oomph that I thought it should:




In the case of both The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Jojo Rabbit, this critique of the dominant ideology (racist pro-slavery sentiment, and fascist anti-antisemitism) is underlined by the growth of the protagonist’s moral consciousness prompted by prolonged exposure to a representative of his culture’s demonized or marginalized people-group.

Author’s note: Ahead there are plot spoilers.

What actually sold me on Jojo Rabbit, however, is that unlike some of the other stories referenced, it shows the moral development of the adolescent to be fragile and prone to setbacks.



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Wasn't a fan of this. I am sympathetic to vjmorton's dismissal of the film for failing to pick a lane and stay in it.

I made a point of watching all of Waititi's previous films before seeing this -- the only one I had already seen was Thor: Ragnarok (aka "Lego Thor"), which I really didn't like either of the times that I saw it -- and I was particularly charmed by Eagle vs Shark and amused by What We Do in the Shadows, while appreciating the boy-needs-a-father(-figure) storylines of Boy and Hunt for the WilderpeopleJojo Rabbit obviously has some of that absentee-dad stuff going on, but, ugh, it's way over on the Thor: Ragnarok end of the spectrum -- which is not a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

Edited to add: In the controversy over Martin Scorsese's recent comments about Marvel movies and how they lack "genuine emotional danger", someone on Twitter seriously replied that Scorsese should see Thor: Ragnarok -- a film that goes further than just about any other Marvel movie in undercutting the seriousness of every scene with tone-shifting "humour". Jojo Rabbit has that same glib aesthetic (as I said on Twitter, if you liked Thor: Ragnarok's glib approach to the apocalypse, you'll *love* Jojo Rabbit's glib approach to the Holocaust). This is a movie for the sort of people who think shouting "Fuck you, Hitler!" is deep or something.

And yes, I know there's no point in complaining about the lack of "accuracy" in a movie like this, but the real Hitler was an anti-smoking vegetarian, and I have a hard time believing that any child raised in Hitler's Germany would imagine him chowing down on a unicorn or constantly offering a kid cigarettes. (Hitler had racist reasons for hating smoking -- something to do with his attitude towards Native Americans -- but reportedly his vegetarianism was motivated by his distaste for cruelty towards animals, which is of course weird in light of his cruelty towards humans, but those are the sorts of paradoxes that make us what we are.)

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