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Come From Away


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Saw the touring production last night. I've seen a documentary about the events, so I knew the story very well, but it was still powerful. 

The show evidences its off-Broadway roots (no spectacle sets, true ensemble piece) which is good, but I did miss a little the idea of a showstopper -- or even of fully developed songs. I don't know if they are musically similar, but I thought of why Sondheim musicals usually feel flat to me -- everyone talking in song as opposed to singing.  Still, it works here, I guess, because the material is about the gradual accrual of emotion rather than about rising and falling action. Definitely my favorite show of the season thus far (Aladdin, Bronx Tale, Come From Away, Mean Girls, Band's Visit, Maragarittaville, JC Superstar), though some of that is suitability of venue. (DPAC auditorium is so huge it is is hard to fill with theatrical energy. 

Also, wow, I learned from the pilot's song that the first female Captain in American history was...1986? Surely that can't be true...

Anyway, best song is probably the opener...(use of explective):



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