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Nominations now open. Please read these submission guidelines.

Darren H

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The next step toward our 2020 Top 100 list is collecting the field of nominations.

Essential Information

  • In order to be eligible to vote, you must be a member of A&F and you must submit a Top 25 list according to the guidelines described below.
  • The due date for submission of Top 25 lists is April 1.

Guiding Principles for Nominations

From SDG's 2011 write-up: "Originally called the Arts & Faith 'Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films,' the list is not confined to explicitly religious subjects, but spiritual and moral concerns are a unifying principle. The list honors films not simply for technical achievement or historical importance, but because they reflect profoundly on the mystery of humanity, and often because they have played some significant role in the personal journeys of the voting members."

From Joel's post: "These are films which may have affected and changed us, guided us and challenged us, enriched us and enlightened us, expanded our spiritual/moral/personal/existential imaginations, made us more aware. And such contemplation and appreciation is perhaps akin to a spiritual practice or discipline in the vein of Thomas Merton or mystical theologians, where contemplatio is to "gaze" at the invisible transcendent presence and be more aware of its reality."


  • Only individual films are eligible. Before Sunset is eligible; Before Trilogy is not.
  • Films made for or distributed via television and streaming services are eligible; television and streaming series are not.
  • Films of any length are eligible.
  • Films from any year are eligible.

List Submission Process

  • Your list should include exactly 25 films. They don't need to be ranked because this process is intended only to generate the pool of nominees for later voting.
  • Important: Film titles should be copied and pasted from the top title line on IMDb, including the date in parentheses. We will use IMDb as our guide for deciding whether to use the original or English-language title. For example: Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) and The Kid with a Bike (2011).
  • Your list will be copied from the email and pasted into a simple spreadsheet, so please make a line break after each film and don't number the list.
  • Email your Top 25 to Darren Hughes at longpauses@gmail.com with the subject line: "A&F Top 25 for Darren H" (replace Darren H with your A&F username).
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Most people who have been around A&F for awhile will know where to find previous lists, but just in case this particular thread attracts participants who haven't voted before, here is a list of the 2011 films:


I am in the process of moving that (and the 2010) list to the directory at the Top of the Forum. In the banner there are three tabs that say Browse--Activity--List. Clicking on List will show the lists we have formatted in using the forum-integrating app.

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If it's at all useful, here's the 2011 list in its current — and more aesthetically pleasing — incarnation on the Image site:


And here is SDG's intro there as well:


And if it helps you think of other films to consider, here is the index of our other lists there:






Takin' 'er easy for all you sinners at lookingcloser.org. Also abiding at Facebook and Twitter.


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I'll update this post each time someone submits a Top 25.

Number of nominated films: 333


  1. Christian
  2. Joel Mayward
  3. Benchwarmer
  4. Gareth Higgins
  5. Darrel Manson
  6. Evan C
  7. kenmorefield
  8. Overstreet
  9. Andrew
  10. Writer Andrew
  11. M. Leary
  12. Ed Bertram
  13. Wade Bearden
  14. Anders
  15. Brian D
  16. Rushmore
  17. Beth R
  18. Rob Z
  19. Darren H
  20. Zach Cheney
  21. Josh Wilson
  22. SDG
  23. Russ Lucas
Edited by Darren H
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